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Bailey Benjamin Franklin

One of Benjamin Franklin's best quotes is..."God helps them who help themselves."

A Change in HistoryBy Bailey Billheimer

Benjamin Franklin had a huge family with 18 siblings in all!

Benjamin Franklin is an amazing man who changed the way we live today.If it wasn't for him we would'nt have electricity, bifocals, rocking chairs, the lighting rod,the condenser,etc. Most of the things we use in our everyday life is a Benjamin Franklin invention or discovery. But that's not all Benjamin Franklin did. He also was a printer, ran shops, was a husband and a father, founded a lot of present day buildings, wrote books, journeyed across the ocean, helped draft the Declaration of Independence, was sent as a negotiator for the Revolutionary War, made the Treaty of Paris, was chosen to be the President of the Pennsylvania Executive Council, served as an official host and as a memeber of the delegation of Pennsylvania and was a constitution-maker.

Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity!

This is Deorah Read, the love of Benjamin Franklin's life.

Benjamin Franklin helped draft the Declaration of Independence!

This is young Benjamin when he worked for his brother James.


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