Bahrain Civic Project

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Bahrain Civic Project


Government Form: DemocraticGovernment Type: Constitutional MonarchyCapital: Manama

GDP per capita: $24,868.4 in U.S DollarsHealth Expenditures of GDP: 4.9%Life Expectancy (Total Population): 78.73 years of age, 1,346,613 people

Head of Government and King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. His uncle is Khlaifa bin Salaman Al Khalifa, the Prime Minister.

Bahrain National Anthem

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Independent Evaluations

2015 World Press Freedom Index: 163 / 1802015 Index of Economic Freedom: 18 / 178Freedom in the World Rating: Not Free 6.5, PR-7 CL-6

The chamber of Bahrain meets to discuss the new government.

World Trade Center located in Manama, the capital. The Center was built in 2008by the multi-national architectural firm, Atkins. The world Trade Center has 50 floorsand 4 elevators.

Arad Fort located in the city of Arad on Muharraq Island, the original capital of Bahrain. Many battles were fought here mainly for the Islands riches and pearl trade.


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