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Social Studies

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Countries Project


I chose the Bahamas because I think it is very beautiful coutry. The bahamas has an amazing beach and also has Atlantis which is a hotel full of fun and exciting things!

Why I chose Bahamas

Country: BahamasBy: Victor Cervantes Period 3

The Bahamas has many tourist attractions such as, Atlantis, Grand Bahama, Bimini, Andros Islands, and Harbour Island.

The Bahamas is a beautiful place and it is hot, they have beaches, and Atlantis. The population is 377,343 people.

The bahamas has many animals such as dolphins, sharks, birds, snakes, and a sea turtle.


The Bahamas food is really good and creative. The photos show chicken konch steak and a burger and corn and bread and fries and lobster.

The speak many languages there such as spanish, english, and bahamian.The Bahamas religion is christian they go to church and the have gathering to express and talk about their religion.Their literacy rate is 95.5% adult and 97.3 youth. That is their literacy rate.


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