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The moment your toes touch sand and your gaze meets water, you know you’re in The Islands Of The Bahamas. It’s the comfortable ease, the instant sense of belonging. It’s finding that your departure from everyday life is also your arrival at an extraordinary place within yourself. Welcome.

The Bahamas is in the North Atlantic Ocean on the eastern edge of the Caribbean, just 72 kilometers (45 miles) southeast of Florida. It has an area of 13,939 square kilometers (5,382 square miles) and is a bit smaller than Connecticut. The islands have a total coastline of 3,542 square kilometers (1,368 square miles).

One activity to do when your not in the ocean or dining is exuma powerboat adventures.

There are alot of things to do in the Bahamas. There are plenty of resorts to go to.

Scattered like dabs of possibility on an adventurer’s palette, the Bahamas are ready-made for exploration. Just ask Christopher Columbus, he bumped against these limestone landscapes in 1492 and changed the course of history. But adventure didn’t end with the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. From pirates to blockade dodgers to rum smugglers, wily go-getters have converged and caroused on the country’s 700 islands and 2400 cays for centuries.

The island of the Bahamas is a great place to relax, especially when you are on vacation. Also while here, there is plenty of activities to enjoy, in which I can garunteed you will love!

Here, the fun doesn’t end the moment you step out of the water. That’s the beauty of The Islands Of The Bahamas. At every turn, there is something exciting to discover. The activities on our 100,000-square-mile tropical archipelago are just as varied as our underwater ones.

When the sun goes down, the fun in The Bahamas doesn’t stop. It’s just beginning. Bahamians love music and dancing.

Come to the Bahamas, and feel free!

Our beaches may be our main attraction. But they’re far from being our only ones. Venture inland and soon you’ll discover what it means to be Bahamian. Get a firsthand look at our way of life, our rich history, our extraordinary natural wonders and our striking man-made attractions

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