Baggie Gardens

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Baggie Gardens

Materials Needed -Baggies -Paper towels -Seeds - Spices to add to baggie gardens -Stapler - Water

Controlled Variables -Baggies -Paper towels -Amount of Water -Number and type of seeds -Exposure to light Manipulated Variables - - Cayenne Pepper - Black Pepper - Cloves - Cinnamon - Turmeric

Method 1) Fold paper towel, insert into baggie. 2) Staple along bottom of bag 1" from bottom. 3)Dissolve 1.25 millileter of specified spice in 15 millileters of water. 4) Put 10 lentil seeds into bag, along line of staples. 5) Pour water and spice mixture into bag, distributing water and spice mixture evenly across paper towel. 6) Repeat with each spice mixture. 7) Make one control bag with only water, no spice added. 8) Tape bags to board or window.

Conclusion The cloves had the largest effect on seed germination, with zero seeds germinating, the cayenne pepper had the least effect on seed germination, with all 10 seeds germinating. Uncertainties Did all spices dissolve in water, and coat the seeds equally, or did the dissolved spices clump near certain seeds and prevent only those seeds from germinating.

Predictions / Hypothesis When spices are added to water before being added to baggie gardens with lentil seeds then percentage of seeds germinated will be negatively effected because of a change in the chemical makeup of the seeds environment.

How does the type of spice dissolved in water and added to a baggie garden affect the percentage of lentil seeds that will germinate?


Black Pepper

Cayenne Pepper



Control Group



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