[2015] kaley hammann: Badlands national park

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[2015] kaley hammann: Badlands national park

Badlands National Park

Information•I will be traveling to South Dakota •I will be traveling in the summer•90° average temp in summer •Established in 1978•7- Day one person pass $7 a 1 year pass $30•Nearest big city is- rapid city •Highest elevation= 3,340 feet at Red Shirt Table

Topography 243,000 acres of mostly eroded buttes, there are many pinnacles and spires, the largest mixed grass protected prairie in the u.s

Unusual facts•The mixed grass prairie is protected by the government•Fossils are getting poached causing badlands to loose understanding of ancient environment•Badlands hold the world’s greatest fossil bed.

Historical facts•Lakota give its name “Mako Sica” meaning land bad•The first humans arrived here about 11,000 years ago•Over 39 mammal species at the park

Animal life •prairie dogs•bison and badgers•bobcats• coyotes•swift foxes

Plant life•buffalo grass•prairie rose•sunflowers•wavy leaf thistle• sagebrush•sego lily

Activities •Camping•visit fossil sites•loge with Native American arts and crafts• scenic drives/ tours


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