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Baden-Württemberg is surrounded by Bayern(Bavaria) to the east, Hessen (Hesse) to the north, and Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate) to the northwest.

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Baden-WürttembergPopulation: Approx. 10.8 million (as of 2013)

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The south western state in Germany, bordering Frankreich (France) and die Schweiz (Switzerland). It´s capital is Stuttgart.

The Black Forest

Surrounding States

There are several museums within Baden-Württemberg. There are several festivals, one of which is the Zelt Musik Festival. It´s basicallz a musical and visual arts festival where someone is performing or you can go and look through artwork.

Many actors and actresses have come from Baden-Württemberg, including Shyla Jennings who was born in Stuttgart. There are also a few producers, including Ute Emmerich. This isn´t even beginning to mention the people from a long time ago, like the mathemetician and astronomer Johannes Kepler, the physist Albert Einstein, and the poet Robert Bosch.

Baden Württemburg used be made up of four districts: North Baden, South Baden, North Württemberg, and South Württemberg-Hohenzollern. It was formed to create the state it is now, April 25th, 1952. In WWII northern parts of Baden and Württemberg were under American jurisdiction, the southern parts were under the French.

The Black Forest is long stretch of woodland between Karlesruhe, Stuttgart, Basle, and Lake Constance. The Black Forest is around 160 km long and 60 km wide in the south, slightly less that that in north. In fact, most of Baden-Württemberg is forest. Don´t let the sinister name fool you. If you enjoy exploring and seeing naturally beautiful landscapes, you should visit the Black Forest.

Stuttgart is of the state and is a must-see place for anyone that enjoys. Stuttgart is the home of Europe´s largest zoo and botanic garden called the Wilhelma. Stuttgart is also home to a well known and praised ballet and opera. It also has a well known orchestra. Anyone with a love of music should come here.


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