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Current Studies shown from an article "DNA microarray based detention of antibiotic resistance genes of human isolates of Escherichia coil in Nigeria" A day to day job for a bacteriologist is monitoring ecology, metabolism and reproduction of organisms. They work closely with other scientist including biologist and chemist in order to conduct research experiments and learn more about microorganisms behavior.

1)What is your definition of bacteria?2)What do you think a bacteriaologist is?3)Do you think this sounds like an interesting career?

*Why do we care?We care because it's important in a lot of fields like medicine,public health, sanitation work, and food processing they each deal with special problems that have arisen from the complex effects that bacteria has upon civilization.They help develope drugs and vaccines, also helping government agencies analizying food and water for contamination.

*Describe the career! A bacteriologist works in a private research laboratory, studying samples of bacteria and microorganisms and their effects on animals.*How does this relate to Microbiology?If the bacteriologist cannot understand the structure of a certian type of bacteria a microbiologist will and they can conduct better experiments to understand it more.


Why is the question?

The German bacteriologist, Robert Koch (1843-1910), and the French chemist, Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), are considered the founders of bacteriology. Pasteur devised a way to heat food or beverages at a temperature slow enough to not ruin them, but high enough to kill most of the microorganisms that would cause spoilage and disease.

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