Bacterial Resistance

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 Bacterial Resistance

All in all, Bacterial Resistance occurs when the bacteria in the body, become used to/resistant to antibiotics. This can be detrimental in medicine, as technology needs to speed up, at a higher rate than that in which bateria evolve. The bacteria can evolve at very high rates, and doctors may have trouble keeping up. If effective, and perscribed with caution, antibiotics can be extremely effective, but if not taken with care, they can quickly become usless.

Bacterial Resistance

Some reasons behind Bacterial Resistnace are:-Doctors unneccessarily perscribing the certain antibiotic.-Not following the recommendations.-Use of antibiotic in other living species.

By: Austin Edwards 11/1

In regards to Plasmid Exchange, bacteria can build resistance towards antibiotics. This then becomes a natual evolutionary process.

Just after the breakthrough and extreme quantity sale of the antibiotic, Penicillin, Doctors began to see Bacterial Resistance occuring.

Bacterial Resitstance was first discovered between the 1940's & the 1950's.


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