Bacterial: Granuloma Inguinale

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Bacterial: Granuloma Inguinale

Granuloma inguinale:- Bacterial disease- Is mistaken for syphilis sometimes

Symptoms:Painless genital ulcers/ nodules which appear about 10-40 days after contact, which will eventualy burst creating beefy red lesions (due to the large presence of blood vessels) The leisons will eventually leak mucus and blood.

Type of Inflammation which contains immune cells due to the immune system walling of substances which is percieved as foreign but unable to eliminate.

Granuloma Inguinale

Transmission: through open sores

Treatment:Three weeks of treatment with erythromycin, streptomycin, or tetracycline, or 12 weeks of treatment with ampicillin. Infection should subdue by 1 week but full treatment period imust be followed to minimize chance of relapse.

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