Bacteria Poster

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Bacteria Poster

Specific Requirements (what you should include!):•“Photo” of your pathogen (microscopic picture or a diagram)•Description of pathogen (What it look like, how it originated, etc.)•Organism’s mode of operation (how it attacks and spreads, vectors)•Most common victim it preys on (adults, kids, males, females)•Hideout of culprit (where it is found across the world…geographically)•Injury done to its victims – symptoms of disease•Is it armed and dangerous? (rate the degree of damage caused)•Number of victims to date•Most effective weapon against the bacteria (treatments, cures?)•Include documentation of sources (at least 2!)

Literature Through Science Bacteria Glog ProjectMs. Major6th Grade

Students will research a bacterial infection and create a poster displaying information about their bacteria. Students will also have to present their poster to the class. A peer assessment of both the poster and the oral presentation will be conducted.

A good first place to start your research would be our school library's online encylclopedia, Brtiannica Online. If accessing this encyclopedia from outside of school, you'll need to enter the username and password: both are "btmes". Be sure to check out the multimedia images and links to other websites. And be sure to cite your sources!

Check out some of these websites as well!


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