Bacteria and virus

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Bacteria and virus

Bacteria and Virus

Bacteria:N. Microscopic single-celled that come in the shapes: rod- like, spherical, or spiral shapes

Virus:N. An ultra virus infection- causing organism that latches onto the cell, goes through it and ends up killing the cell


Symptoms:- Fatigue- Fever- Muscle AchesAdditional Facts:- Hantavirus is carried by rodents- You will feel sick for 1-5 weeks after getting it

Hanta Virus:

Characteristics:- simpler than regular cells- They are inactive outside of host cells- Not made up of cells Examples:- HIV- Tabbaco Mosaic


Characteristics:-unicellular- lack chlorophyll-Prokaryotes Examples:- Coccus- Bacillus

1. The virus connects to a specific host cell2. The virus injects it's nucleic acid into the host3. It forces the host to become a virus factory4. The virus parts are put together.

1. The cell elongates and DNA is replicated2. Cell wal and plasma membrane begins to divide3. Cross- wall forms completely around divided DNA4. Cell separates

Viral Reproduction

Bacterial Reproduction


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