Bacon's Rebellion

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Bacon's Rebellion

William Berkeley was the govenor of Jamestown, Virginia when the rebellion took place. This rebellion was against his leadership. He eventually one.

Jamestown, VirginiaIn 1676 Nathaniel Bacon lead arebellion against William Berkeley.He was joined by Doeg tribe.This tribe was known for attackingJamestown before the rebellion.

Bacon's Rebellion

Nathaniel Bacon was the leader of the rebellion, and was very young at the time. Partnering with the Doeg tribe he fought. However, he was not killed in battle, he died of Dysentery at 29.

Nathaniel Bacon

ResultBacon lost and 23 citizens were hung. However Bacon was did not participate in the hanging. the reason he had died of Dysentery.Unfortunately Mr. Bacon was only 29 at his time of death.

William Berkeley

The Doeg Indian tribe spoke the language know as Algonquian, and may have been a branch of the Nanticoke tribe which was historically based on the eastern coast of Maryland. They had attacked Jamestown before.

Doeg Indians

The Doeg Indians had originated where Jamestown was. The men who discovered Jamestown took their land and home. The tribe found revenge when Nathaniel Bacon lead a rebellion that eventually caused Jamestown to be burned to the ground. 23 were punished by being hung in the town square. Despite their efforts the rebellion failed. Nathaniel Bacon died of Dysentery at the young age of 29. Many died during the rebellion, women, men and children.

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