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I have a knack for researching information, love doggies, and I think in quotes and metaphors! Currently, I am taking piano lessons, and in the future, I want to learn the guitar, maybe play the drums, and saxophone, write a book, run a marathon, complete the Murph challenge at Crossfit by myself, and more! I am a passionate lifelong learner! I have a Bachelor's in Health Education from University of Houston. I have studied Educational Media Design & Technology at Full Sail University. My life is a wondrous journey, and I'm honored that our paths have met! Excelsior!

A Little About Me I have enjoyed teaching for the past nine years! I'm excited about teaching online again this year! I look forward to learning more about you throughout the school year! I am a mother to Angel, my Miniature Schnauzer! If I could, I'd spend every waking moment with her and take her everywhere with me! I interpret songs using Sign Language and sometimes teach small groups at church, tutor, excited about photography, enjoy attending ballet and opera shows, learning about new technology, reading, watching movies, & writing.


Welcome Back Tigers!Texas Online Preparatory Scholars!

Introduce yourself!I would like to know more about you! Please send a note, a drawing, a video, an audio message, or anything that would let me know more about your story! Think about the following themes: ''A Day in my Life'' or ''If you Really Knew Me You'd Know...'' In addition, please send me a picture, so that I can create a virtual classroom of smiling faces!

Our HomeroomThis year our home room will consist of 6th through 8th grade. I will be teaching 6-8th grade ELA and Writing. This is my thrid year with TOPS! I am ready to help you reach your goals that you have set for yourself! Let's make this a year of success! See you in Class!

My info:Please feel free to contact anytime! Just leave a voice message or Kmail, and I will respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday from 8a.m. - 5:00p.m.Phone: 832.713.RK12Email:

Scholar's Expectations

1. Attend all online classes & meetings when possible.2. Work in the Online School (OLS) & track attendance daily.3. Complete all testing requirements (STAAR, PLA testing, Study Island, etc.4. Respond to emails, text messages and phone calls.

5. Participate during class!6.Remember: lots of effort = great rewards!

Starting off RightFirst Day of School: Monday, August 22, 2016What: Welcome SessonWhen: 9:00 a.m. Where: Class Connect (link is located in OLS)I will be calling each of you over the next few days and weeks to get to know you and find out additional needs. Don't hesitate to ask questions at this time! I may not know all the answers, but I will find it with the help of my wonderful team members!

We are TOPS! Today we learn, tomorrow we lead.

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