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How did social and economic factors, technology, and people promote change in canada?

IntroductionIn the time period of 1885-1914 a lot of growth in society had occured both socially and economically. A lot of people at that time had influenced change just like technology had. It had greatly delveloped Canada into what it is now.

TransportationAt this time transportation impacted the economy in a great way, the most common way of transportation was trains. It had improved the economy with greater developement because of the trade system at that time. It could carry items in bulk and could also carry passengers. It made importing and exporting convenient for large companies and it also made transporting for daily and basic needs easy. It could also allow for immagrants to travel to further distances. The train and horses were the main mean of transportation at that time but the train was new and a convient way of travelin rather then a horse

The most convenient way of transportaion

AgricultureAgriculture at that time was very important to the economey. Agriculture was often done by farmers who lived in the southern area of canada by many metis people. Agriculture could also be found in deserted areas such as the praries where it wasn't as developed as Ontario or Quebec. Agriculture at that time was a profession that didn't earn much money but still earned a fair amount from markets or larger companies. Food was on high demand just like agriculture had been. Agriculture is still a very important part to our sociey the difference is that foods in markets are usually imported worldwide while they had to get food from local farmers.

Agriculture at Canada in 1896

ImmigrationImmigration was an important role in developing Canada. Immigration increased in the 1900's and was a goal of many prime ministers to achieve. When improving our economy it was important to populate les populated areas. The prairies had decreased in population because of i'ts harsh weather conditions. A big goal for our leaders were to get manitoba populated as it had a small amount of people. Ontaio and Quebec contained the most people and it was often where people immigrated to after leaving their country. Many people today still immigrate to Toronto or Ontario.

Immigration to Canada in late 1800's

Import and ExportIn the 1800's and 1900's importing and exporting were very important. This was very common with materials and foods. Foods were usually not imported from other countires but from local cities or provinces just like materials were. Materials were usually imported or exported from further area's of Canada using the train. Import and exporting was needed for bulk items and was an important part of the economy and developed the society greatly. Importing and exporting supplied many large companies with materials such as cotton, fur, silk and flannel. Importing and exporting was a very important role in the society just like it still nowadays.

ConclusionIn conclusion immigration, import and export, agriculture and transportaion have all promoted change in Canada. Many important people such as Wilfred Laurier also particpated in promoting change in Canada. These are the main factors and technology that I recognized through this Chapter. Through this time period I noticed these 4 factors made a large difference and promoted a better change to Canada.

By: Samira Kabir 8A

Cotton was one of the most imported items from Untied States

Women's rights had impacted Canada Greatly

(Wilfred Laurier) A great leader that had contibuted in that time


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