Back to School Night 2010

by MrsLip
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Back to School Night 2010

Mrs. Lippincott's 6th Grade Language Arts Class

Homework Policy1st Missed HW2nd Missed HW-yellow slip 3rd Missed HW-red slip and call

Back to School Night 2010

Mrs. Lippincott's Language Arts Class Get a Reading Life!8-10 novels read over the school yearBook reviews for peers using persuasive techniquesReading for the love of reading!

This year we will study....PoetryNovelsShort StoriesVocabularyGrammar and SpellingCharacter Education Research Projects - Big 6

6th Grade Language Arts Grade Breakdown50% Test, Major Projects, Essays40% Quizzes, Minor Projects, Writing10% Homework,Participation, Preparation

Smiles make everything better!

Language Arts Objectives:To view reading as a life time skillTo use appropriate conventions of language in speaking, reading, and writingTo read, comprehend, evaluate and appreciate quality, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.



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