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by jubilicious
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Back to melbourne

Back to Melbourne

my week has beena blast into the pasta fast drive past

the dog on the tucker box

the schizophrenic city

ned kelly's last stand

a zoom down the hume


past the sign that sayssorry, this is melbourne.the polite polis apologieses for its being.and me, a has been melbouriancoming home againdriving through the months and years and decades

to find lovers that once sucked and bit and kissed and lickedsittingsipping tea politelyacross cafe tablesdiscussing artand their latest big relationship

with roadside tombs

and splattered wildlife

to find myself answering the same questionsto each family member i met

yes i'm living in sydney nowyes my work is going wellyes the kids are growingand no it's not time to cut my hair

to find that you can't dwell to long in the pastto find it was time to drive back to my work, my life,

my wife, the kids and the mortgage.time to return to the present

so i headed towards the sign that saidthis way to sydneyknowing that in the futurei know where to find my past..


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