BAC Recycles

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Environmental Studies

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BAC Recycles

We Can Change The World!

At Barringer Academic Center Mrs.Passe and Mrs.Herring's class are going to change the world by recycling.

We have a data team who has been going around weighing all the classes recycling bins. Every week we will weigh them to see how much you have improved. GO RECYCLING!

You can recycle many things but not things that have water or food on them. Those things must go in the trash.

First you reduce. For example use both sides of the paper.

Next you reuse. You can make scrap art. To keep your scraps in one place, make a scrap bin.

Now you recycle. Put your scrap art in the recycling bin after it is useless.

And remember to Reduce, Reuse and RECYCLE!!!


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