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Babyloian GLOG

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The Babylonians actualy didn’t invent their own number system, the Babylonians inherited ideas from the Sumerians and from the Akkadians. Writing developed and counting was based on a sexagesimal system, that is to say base 60 by the Babylonians.However the Babylonian civilisation, whose mathematics is the subject of this article, replaced that of the Sumerians from around 2000 BC The Babylonians were a Semitic people who invaded Mesopotamia defeating the Sumerians and by about 1900 BC establishing their capital at Babylon.


In the Example Below, 1,57,46,40 is shown in Babylonian numerals

To The Right Is a Sone Tablet Used By The Babylonians To teach math. The Tablets would have basic math but no advanced math.


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