Baby Face Nelson

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Baby Face Nelson

Baby Face Nelson

Helen Gillis

Nelson first started his life of crime when he was 13. He was caught stealing .

Nelson was sent to the St. Charles School for Boys because of his crime.

The death of Baby Face Nelson was a very big event. There were dozens on newpapers and interviewers desperately trying to get information or anything to make a story about.

In 1934, Baby Face Nelson was shot in and FBI shooting where he killed 2 FBI agents but was taken out in the same fight. The reward if anyone managed to get Baby Face Nelson was 75,000 and in the 1920's that was a fortune. His gang leader John Dillinger and the rest of his gang robbed two dozen banks and 4 police stations.

George "Baby Face" Nelson

George Nelson was born on December 6th, 1908.

Nelson was part of Crimelord John Dillinger's gang and participated in robberies for 4 years.

At the very early age of 16, Nelson was married to Helen Gillis.

John Dillinger

Newpapers on Baby Face Nelson


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