Baby Doe Tabor

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Baby Doe Tabor

Elizabeth "Baby" Doe Tabor

Family/ChildrenBaby Doe Tabor is the fifth of fourteen children.

BirthBaby Doe was born on September 25, 1854 in Oshkosh , Wisconsin.

EducationShe went to a catholic church for her education.

Nicknames/FamilyThere was never actually a Baby Doe Tabor because Elizabeth Doe Tabor's older brother made up the nickname" Baby" and the nickname stuck.

Parents/FamilyHer parents were Peter and Elizabeth Nellis McCourt , middle class parents.

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Family/Jobs Peter McCourt was a shopkeeper, like most middle class families and Nellis McCourt took care of the 14 kids.

Family/BeautyEveryone thought she was the most beautiful of all 14 children.

Main Events/ Her DeathBaby Doe Tabor froze to death penniless on March 7, 1935, while living in a cabin next to the Matchless Mine.

Main Events/Harvey DoeIn 1877 Elizabeth married Harvey Doe,but soon divorced because Harvey had a drinking problem.

Main Events/Horace Tabor Elizabeth married Horace Tabor in 1882 and became the silver queen and owned the Matchless Mine.

Main Events/ Horace's DeathHorace Tabor died died in the Spring due to appendicitis and died penniless.

Connections To Colorado1. The Tabor Opera House had an opera about Elizabeth called The Ballad Of Baby Doe.2. The Tabor Ethiopian Restaurant is a restaurant named after the Tabor's.3.The Matchless Mine is the mine that the Tabor's owned.

Main Events/ Her ChildrenHorace Tabor and Baby Doe had 2 daughters and1 son.

Why Come To Colorado?She came to colorado for the silver mining and for the money it would get her.

Reason For Fame1. She is famous because she is the silver queen because she married Horace Tabor ,the silver king,.2. Also, she is known for her hard work and kind heart.

Matchless Mine/ Main EventsThe matchless mine made her the silver queen because they owned the best silver mine, which made them all the money invested in silver.



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