Baby abducted or director mum?

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Baby abducted or director mum?

Baby Abducted or ''Director Mom" ?

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Posters in search of the "abducted baby" put up by citizens

Summary A woman in Hong Kong was arrested by police on Monday night for allegedly faking the kidnapping of her six-month baby girl, whom she later claimed had actually ''accidentally'' died at home.During the process this news alerted Hong Kong citizens about the so said ''abduction'' of the missing baby by the mainlanders. many Hong Kong people helped in search of the baby, some even put up posters.It was shocking and furious to know the bottom of the incident is that the women made up the whole thing just to cover her guilt in letting the baby die ''accidentally'' without knowing it.

The description of the so said "abducter"

Media reports about the news

Personal positionAs a Hong Kong citizen, I am very furious that Hong Kong people can make up a whole star-crossed story just to cover something she had done wrong. Has people becoming more and more irresponsible and discourage to admit their own faults? Making the whole city in search of the "missing baby" and still act as a victim to the incident? What is more furious is that the baby is deposited in a violin box and is believed to be sent to the landfill. The cold-blooded character of the mother has shockened Hong Kong and I think this should set a negative example to citizens.


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