Babies Nutrition is Essential in their Development

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Babies Nutrition is Essential in their Development

Iron Formula and baby cereals are iron-fortified for this reasons: -Play a vital role in the production of hemoglobin (the part of red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout the body)- Helps brain development, including building motor skills and memory. Ex. meat, chicken, fish, eggs, avocado, broccoli, and spinach.

For their first four to six months, babies get all the nutrients they need from breast milk and/or formula. But what comes next?? Now babies should start with solid food and...This are the most important nutrients for babies:

Babies nutrition is essential in their development

Calcium or Vitamin D Calcium is essential for developing strong bones, and helps your baby’s body absorb nutrients. You can get this vitamin in yogurt and cereal, egg yolks, and fish.

Did you know that... one of the most important stages of growth is the childhood?

Zinc helps keep the baby brain cranked up to full speed, and help keep your critter healthier overall. Formula and fortified cereal provide the three milligrams a day babies need once they’re six months old, as do most iron-rich foods, especially meat and dark-meat poultry.

Vitamins A, B, C, and E These four vitamins boost your baby from top to bottom, promoting healthy brain and nerve development, as well as proper functioning and development of her eyes, skin, immune function, and more.Carrots and sweet potatoes=vitamin A; green veggies, bananas, and beans =B’s; turn to tomatoes, strawberries, and cantaloupe= C; and cereal and grains= E.

Are you taking care of your baby nutrition?


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