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Babe Ruth

Babe RuthBy: Dan Gutman

Big Bam


The Big Hit

BiographyBabe Ruth was born on February 6th, 1895. Babe Ruth was raised around a grocery store and a saloon because his parents owned them. He started to play baseball at the age of 12 and he father didn't like it. Then he got drafted to a minor league team after highschool. Then soon after that he became a great hitter and got drafted to the New York Yankies. Then got traded to the Red Sox and ended up playing 22 season in the MLB. Then on August 16th, 1948 he died in his chair he always sat in.

Important EventWhen Babe Ruth was on the Red Sox he called his shot in the orioles stadium, one of the biggest stadiums during that time and hit a home run over the entire baseball park.

InterestingsFactsWhen Babe Ruth was playing baseball he had three nicknames and they were The Babe, Big Bam, and The Great Bambino. Babe Ruth also died when he was 53.

Bam's Autograph

Great Bambino

Shot Caller


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