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Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was born on February 6, 1895 in Baltimore Maryland. His birth name was George Herman Ruth. He died on August 16, 1948 in New York.

Babe Ruth changed baseball from a gring out style to one of power and high scoring games. He re-wrote the record books from a hitting standpoint. In 1920, he beat his own homerun record with a staggering 54 homeruns.

Babe Ruth's 1921 season may have been the greatest in MLB history. He hit a new record of 59 homeruns, 171 RBI, scored 177 runs, batted .376, and had a .846 slugging precentage. With him leading the way, the Yankees became the most recognizable and dominant team in baseball,setting attendence records along the way. When the yankees moved to a new stadium in 1923, it was called "The House that Ruth Built".

BOOMBabe RuthBy: Katie Miller

Seven- time World Series champion ( 1915, 1916, 1918, 1923, 1927, 1928, 1932).

Prior to Babe's arrival, the Yankees had never one a title of any kind. After joining the Yankees prior to the 1920 season, he helped them win seven pennants and four World Series titles. In 1927, he set a new homerun record of 60, which would stand for 34 years. The 1927 team is still considered by many people to be the greatest in baseball history.

He was the 1923 AL MVP. ESPN Sports Century declared him the #2 Athlet of the 20th Century.

Babe Ruth was named the Greatest baseball player of the 20th Century by Sports Illustrated.

Babe Ruth was a superstar and enjoyed a popularity never seen before in professional baseball. Babe helped save baseball from the ugly Black sox scandal, and gave hope to millions during The Great Depression.

"Babe ignited the greatest dynasty in all of American sport". He held 56 major league records at the time, including the most amazing record in baseball... 714 homeruns. "Babe remains as the greatest figure in major league baseball, and one of the true icons in American history".

1923 World SeriesBabe Ruth(left)Yankees owner/manager(middle)

Babe Ruth's famous homerun swing.

Spring training in Florida on March 16, 1920

Babe Ruth hitting his 60th homerun, breaking his record.

Babe's 60th homerun of the season.


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