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He hit his first professional home run on March 7, 1914, in Fayetteville, N.C., during an intrasquad game in which he played shortstop.

Ruth was a sidearming power pitcher who made 127 appearances on the mound before appearing at any other position in the field.

His real name was George Herman Ruth, as was his father’s. He is the only player with that last name in major league history.


On Oct. 17, 1914, less than two weeks after his rookie season ended, Ruth married Helen Woodford, a 16-year-old coffee shop waitress he had met on his first day in Boston.

Ruth made his major league debut at Fenway Park on July 11, 1914 as a starting pitcher. He pitched seven innings for the win but was 0-for-2 for at the plate, striking out against Cleveland lefty Willie Mitchell in his first major league at-bat.

Ruth’s first major league hit was a double off the Yankees’ Leonard Cole at Fenway Park on Oct. 2, 1914 in a game he started and won.



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