Baalbek Lebanon

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Baalbek Lebanon

Baalbek, Lebanon

- Built over period of two centuries- Columns at the Temple of Jupiter are the largest anywhere (20 m high)- Temple of Bacchus is larger than the Parthenon- Religious complex with tremedous artistic importance- Nothing is known prior to the Greek conquest of Syria (332 SCE)- Overall authenticity has stayed intact despite armed conflicts

- Oldest parts of ruins fit no known culture - Temple of Jupiter: dedicated to three deities: Syrian thunder god Hadad; the Syrian nature goddess Atargatis, and probably a vegetation spirit, equated to Jupiter, Venus, and Hermes respectively.- Date of Inscription: 1984- Known as Heliopolis around 323 BC (City of the Sun)- One of the best examples of Roman Architecture

- Baalbeck was hellenized after the conquests of Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC- The Baalbek International Festival of music goes on inside the ruins in July and August every year.


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