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The IMPERIO AZTECA , also called minority form Triple Alliance or Empire Mexica -1 was an entity of territorial , political and economic control that existed in the central region of Mesoamerica during the Late Postclassic , before the Spanish Conquest. Formally, it was composed of the domains of the Triple Alliance ( excan Tlahtolōyān , " the three places where orders are given ") , 2 consists of Texcoco , Tlacopan and Mexico - Tenochtitlan.

The Aztecs were a tribe of nomads who forged one of the largest and most important empires of pre-Columbian America in just 200 years. By the thirteenth century the Aztecs settled in Chapultepec, from which they were expelled by a coalition of enemies. Then they formed their permanent settlement in 1325. Tenochtitlan Tenochtitlan to became the main city in the area, forming an alliance with two other Nahuatl-speaking cities: Texcoco and Tlacopan. The Triple Alliance called Aztec Empire, was the Mexican political education deriving from the process of territorial expansion of the economic dominance of the city-state Mexico-Tenochtitlan, which flourished in the fourteenth century Mesoamerica. It was headed by the Aztecs a people who, according to some documents, was originally from a place - perhaps mythical - known as Aztlan, which is usually placed outside the confines of Mesoamerica. However, it seems plausible that the Mexicans were a people of distinctly Mesoamerican cultural tradition and not the descendants of chichimecas groups dedicated to hunting and gathering.


The society was divided into twenty clans called calpulli , where religion influenced in a major way , consisting of groups of people linked by kinship, territorial divisions , and dedicated to a particular god of ancient families and then joined by a loop of biological parentage and deriving the religious worship of the god holder . Each clan had land , a temple and a boss or calpullec . They were divided into three classes ; nobles, common people and slaves

Mexico Tenochtitlan the Aztecs settled in the center of the Valley of Mexico , expanding its control at city- state located in present-day Mexico , Veracruz , Puebla , Oaxaca , Guerrero, Chiapas coast , Hidalgo , and part of Guatemala . The conquered territory was not a monotonous climate, but included climates as varied as the polar climate of high mountains to hot climates There was a wide variety of ecosystems from coniferous forests, mixed deciduous to warm ecosystems such as tropical forests , rocky deserts , deciduous forest, mangrove , tropical forest, among others




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    Esta revista é muito significativa para mim, pois contém muitas informações históricas sobre o México, para onde pretendo ir no próximo verão. A história do México é muito interessante, por isso quero visitar este país pelo menos uma vez na vida. Bem, a maioria dos alunos visita o site para obter ajuda em seus deveres de redação acadêmica e enviá-los a tempo.