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Vegetation/ FoodThe Aztec tribe relied on corn eaten as a tortilla. They ate little meat mostly insects for protein. Their diet included tomatoes, beans, and avocados.

Ceremonies The Aztec tribe had a ceremony every 52 years called the new fire Ceremony. They believed this would keep the world from ending.

WeaponsThe Aztecs had these for weapons:Maquahuitl- or swordClubs- made of wood with a ball at the endSpears,- very sharpoAtlatis- a spear throwing deviceBows and arrows and slings to throw rocks.

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Buildings/ StructuresAztec houses were usually made out of wood, straw, stone, sand, and clay. The straw wa usually used for the roofs. Adobe bricks were made out of clay and sand. The Aztecs liked to build large temples or pyramids called Teocalli-God houses.

Geographical LocationThe Aztecs lived in southern and central Mexico.

AztecBy: Shane Siterlet

ClothingThe Aztecs wore loose fitting clothing that did not cover their bodies. Their clothes were made of cotton. They liked bright colors, men mostly wore a loincloth and woman sleeveless shirts and a long skirt.

Religion The Aztecs believed in Huitzilopochtli- the sun God. They had a fear of the world ending so they believed it took Gods to create the world. They focused on ow the gods, humans, and nature were all connected.

Where the Aztecs live.


Religon of the Aztecs


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