Aztec Tribe

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Aztec Tribe

The Aztecs were an advanced civilization that built cities such as Tenochtitlan, which was their island capital. The Aztecs were primarily a sedentary culture that relied on hunting and gathering. The Aztecs were dedicated to their religion. A showing of this dedication was human sacrifices in impressive ceremonies to the gods. The Aztecs were a very advanced civilization for their time and through religious beliefs, government involvement, and family life they lived a full and productive life.

The Amazing Aztecs

Mayan Temple Ruins at Coba

The culture began with the founding of the city of Tenochtitlan/Mexico in about 1330. It ended in 1521 when the Spanish and their allies captured the city and the last king Cuauhtemoc.

Dates of The Aztec's Existence

The Aztecs were located in Central & Southern Mexico

Geographic Location

The Aztecs had a lot of resources under their control: gold, silver, massive labor supply, jade, cacao (chocolate), vanilla, cotton, tobacco, beans, indigo, cochineal dye (brightest red dye in the world, later used by European royalty). Also, there many other nutritious foods that Europe and the world take for granted today: corn, tomatoes, strawberries, spices, chillies, squash, avocados, manioc, amaranth, yams, etc.

Natural Resources

Aztec Domicile

Natural Resource: Cacao

Aztec Culture

In the Aztec civilization, class structure was very important. The Rich: Homes of the nobles and wealthy were made of sun-dried brick. If you were very wealthy, you home could be made of stone. All homes were whitewashed to make them look clean and shiny. Each noble home had a separate room for steam bathing. Bathing was an important part of daily lifeThe Poor: Homes of the farmers and other commoners were huts with thatched roofs. They had blankets and pottery for cooking. Everyone had a garden of their own, including farmers. Marriage: At about age 20, men married women who were ages 14-15. A man could have more than one wife as long as he could support her. Weddings were arranged, usually with the help of a matchmaker. New Babies: The birth of a baby was a really big deal. The Aztecs welcomed all life. The birth of a boy or a girl was celebrated.

Correct Behavior: The Aztecs were very concerned that all their citizens behave correctly. This code of behavior was written down. And it was the law. Children were taught correct behavior in the Aztec schools.Games: The Aztecs loved games. They loved to give people a sporting chance. Some of the games they played included a ball game similar to one played by the ancient Maya. In fact, the game probably was borrow from the Mayas (who most probably borrowed it from the Olmecs, the people before them.)Schools: Kids went to school. To build the city they wanted, they knew that they would need many engineers, builders, and traders. To solve this problem, the Aztecs created schools for their children. Attendance at school was mandatory. All Aztec children had to attend school, even girls and slaves. The Aztecs were the only people in the world at this time in history to have free schools that every child had to attend by law.

Aztec Lifestyle

The History Channel's Aztec Civilization Video


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