Aztec Empire

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Aztec Empire

Aztec Empire

Religion:The Aztecs were polytheistic and worshiped their idols. They believed their land was given to them by the gods. The Aztecs settled at Tenochititlan because they believed an eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in it's mouth was the sign of where they should settle.

Sacrifice: The Aztecs sacrificed humans because they believed that if they didn't the world would come to an end. The tallest buildings/temples were used for sacrificing. Leader Moctezuma sacrificed about 10,000 humans at a time. They cut out their heart and held it up to the sun letting the fumes rise up. Then, let the bodies roll down the steps.

Social Classes:Nobles- Smallest social class. Controlled other classes. Served as government officials, priest and warriors.Commoners- Majority of the population: farm in their calpulli land and nobles land. Go to school at the age of 10. Serfs- Worked the land but could not own it 1/3 of the population.Slaves- lowest social class: captives of war or prisioners.

Chinampas:Chinampas are floating gardens that the Aztecs used for farming because they lived in a swampy area. Each family took care of about 6 or 7 chinampas. A common food grown on chinampas was corn.


Modifications:- City was built on an island.- Raised roads to travel on.- Canals took the place of roads and people traveled by boat. - Capitol Tenochititlan was connected to main land by bridges.

Brianna Frost and Micheal ColemanPeriod 8

Spanish Conquest:-Aztecs wanted captives to sacrifice. -Spanish wanted gold and to teach about christianity.-Leader of Spanish: Hernán Cortés.-Aztecs thought the spanish were represenitives of the god Quetzacoatl.-Spanish took Moctezuma and family as prisioners.- Moctezuma was either stoned by his own people or murdered by the spanish.- After the spanish soliders stole gold they drowned in canals from the weight.-Small pox spread threw tenochititlan which helped Hernán Cortés win the battle.

Hernán Cortés


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