Aztec Empire

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Aztec Empire

By:Jasmine Garcia

Aztec Empire

The emperor is being carried through the city so he can gaze upon his citizens and gain popular favor.

The Aztec was ruled by supreme emperor, and a supreme judge. When it came time to select a new emperor there was a council of four high nobles that chose the new emperor.

Located in Mexico along the southern most tip the main city was located in now Mexico City.

The Aztec Empire was located in what is known as Mexico today. There are many different people that made up the Aztecs

The Aztec did not always live in peace in 1519- 1521 the Aztec was at war with the Spaniards. The Spanish has technology that the Aztec did not have, and disease also led to the fall of the Aztec empire.

The Aztec were more of an agricultural economy that relied more on barter and trade to get what they needed. Trading markets were set up in citys and around villages so that the citizens could get the items they need.

This is what a trading post would look like, these were set up around the city.

August 13, 1521 was the day Spain has won the war, and they annexed the Aztec Empire leaving it to the Spaniards.

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