Aztec Civilization

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Aztec Civilization





A City of Wonders

Plazas, or public squares in the middle of the city where people can gather. Aztecs gathered in plazas for:-religious rituals-feasts-festivals

2nd the Aztecs built

How did the Aztecs turn an unwanted island into the great city of Tenochtitlan?

Chinampas or "floating gardens" are created by sinking timbers into the water to serve as walls. Mud and plants were also used to create these floating gardens. The Aztecs farmed on chinampas.

1st the Aztecs created

8 feet tall snake walls, or Coatepantli, sorrounded the perimeters of the plazas.

Great Temple

The Great Temple rose 150 feet in the air. 2 staiwars led to religious shrines.

Aviary: An enclosed space or cage for keeping birds.-Trained staff plucked valuable flowers of parrots and quetzals. -Aviaries were located in the palace.

3rd: At the royal AVIARY

The royal place stood outside the plaza. The palace was home to the Aztec ruler.It also homed offices, shrines, courts, gardens, storerooms, and shrines.

Causeways: A raised road built to across water or low ground.-C.W were 25-30 feet wide.-C.W linked the island to the mainland.

4th: Causeways


Dike: A wall or dam.-Aztecs built a 10 mile long dike on the east side-Used to prevent floods.


-TRIBUTE: form of payment from one nation to another.-100's of city-states were forced to pay tribute to the Aztecs.-Collecting tribute was the most important business.-Tributes = food, cacao, gems and stones, cotton, cloth animals, shells, buildings materials, or soldiers.

Aztec Empire: Built on TRIBUTES


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