Aztec Animals

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Aztec Animals

Aztec Animals

The Aztec domesicated two animals, the dog and the turkey.The Aztec did not have much meat availabble so the dog and the turkey were important in the Aztec culture.

To the Aztec the dog was many things. The dog provided meat, and companionship. Aztecs admired the faithfulness of the dog and often killed or buried dogs along side their master. Poorer citizens were sometimes buried with a pottery model of a dog since they could not afford the real thing. The dog breed Itzcuintli, which is closely related to the chihuahua, was popular among the Aztec.






Along with the dog the Aztecs also domesticated the turkey. The turkey provided meat and eggs. On the rare occasions the Aztec ate meat the turkey meat was placed over the dog meat, symbolizing that the turkey meat was more prized than the dog meat.

Humans were not the only things the Aztec sacrificed. Archeologist have found the remains of countless animals used in sacrifices. The Aztecs imported exoitic animals like non native fish, jaguars, crocodiles, etc.

The Aztec work of feather art was one of the many specializations of the Aztec. The Aztec traded with other tribes for beautiful feathers. Some bird feathers they used came from the Mexican Trogon, Quetzal, Great Egrets, and other beautiful birds.


The Aztec ate very little meat, so most of their protein came from squash, maize, and beans. The Aztec also ate 30 different types of migratory birds and deers when they were available.


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