Aztec and Mali Empire: Games, Culture, and Rulers.

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Aztec and Mali Empire: Games, Culture, and Rulers.

Kings and Rulers: Moctezuma II was the most successful ruler in this empire. He was conquered in 1519 by Hernan Cortes ( the thought Quetzalcoatl return). Moctezuma is spelled in differnt ways such as Montezuma or Motecuhzoma II. Cuauhetemoc was the eleventh and last ruler of the Aztec Empire before it was conquered be Cortes. Acamapichitli was the first ruler of Tenochtitlan.

Kings and Rulers Mansa Musa was the most successfull person when he was ruling. Sundiata Keita founded the empire and survived the massacre of his brothers. Sundiata was crippled and the neighboring ruler thought he would die. There were 21 other Mansas that ruled the empire over its span.

Aztec & Mali

Games: The Mali Empire did not have many games but I will tell you some of them.

Games and ActivitiesUllamaliztil was a game in which players used a rubber ball, often called ulli. They used the game not just for entertainment, but for politics and religion.PatolliPatolli was a board game. Every person played, even the nobles. The name comes from the word small red beans. Patolli was played a long time before the aztecs came along


Culture:There were two classes of social life in aztec culture: First, the pilli, Then came the macehualli. There were slaves too. Slavery was not hereditary, meaning that if a dad had a child, then the child will not be a slave. There was ways of a slave to gain their freedom, such as purchasing it. The aztec people had compulsory education, so kids had good education. However boys' education was wider than girls' educalion. Except for nobility (pilli), people were quite poor, people lived in adobe homes made of mud bricks. When people got older, disease came in. More religious healers were called in for helping the sick. When death came, people were cremated or buried, depending on how they died and how their family chose.

Culture: Mali is an example of anempire that used culture and language to conquer a territory that got bigger and bigger. The grassland included allof what was known as the savanna. The empire’sof technology and ecologyshows two of the possible reasons by which smaller polities may beincorporated into the foundation of a larger empire. When Mali was strong near the fourteenthcentury A.D the Mali Empire covered an area greater than 24,000 square miles and used Timbuktu as a trading city.


The Aztec and Mali Empires had some similaritiesand differences in all these categories: games, cultures and rulers. I believe that the Aztec Empire is the strongest of these two empires on all 3 categories.


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