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Social Studies

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This is the Azerbaijan flag. Blue represents the Turkish people, red stands for progress, and green symbolizes Islam.

This is Azerbaijans' capital Baku. Some interesting facts are these:* Population:1,981,000* Baku is the largest city* Baku is on the coast of the Caspian Sea* Baku is the chief port, economic, political, and cultral center* Baku is an important oil produce place

This is the leader and president Ilham Aliyev. He has no term set for his presidency. His "assistant" and head of government is Artur Rasizade. The president holds the most power, ollowing with the parliment, and then the executive branch. Their government is an Republican.

Azerbaijan makes their money by selling oil and energy production. The biggest way they make money, is from cotton, fruit, and tobacco. Their GDP is 98.16 billion dollars. Their GDP from the capital is 10,700 dollars

Some of Azerbaijans' food are these;* Sabza-Kourma Pilau [mutton and vegetable pilaf]* Dorga [Yogurt soup]* Alma Dolmasy {stuffed apples]* Sojutma [lamb salad]* Turshu- syng [sorrel soup in Azeri style]* Milk sherbert

Azerbaijans are traditionaly Islamic. They practice their religion freely. They found that their God [Allan] was musslamic. They practice every Friday at church to show their worship.

Youths in Azerbaijan are educated through school, like us. 87% of youths attend primary school, while the the other 13% just skip it and move to the next school.

Some holidays celerbrated in Azerbaijan are these:*The international New year*The National Day of mourning*Flower Day*Republic Day*Armed Forces Day

Azerbaijan has an ancient and strong literary tradition. It is common to gather and recite poems. They make and play their instruments. Dance is an important part of their social life.

Baku recently agreed in purchasing 1.6 million dollars worth of arms. Shortly after the purchasing, Baku realized that Iranian oil-rigs had entered Azerbaijani waters. Later Azerbaijan cops arrested 22 Irans who they believed set the oil rigs.


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