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Social Studies

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Example of a lit up bulding in Baku (Capital of Azerbaijan)

This is Azerbijan Borederd by other countries to the North,South,West but bordered by the Caspian to the east

AZERBAIJAN By Logan Browne

This is the Azerbaijan flag, blue represents the color of turk peoples, red means modernization and progress, green islam as do the crescent and star .

Population & People The People are everything to Azerbaijan. The Capital of Azerbaijan is Baku and there is alot of people there. Over 54% of Azeris live in Cities. That leaves 46% of the rest that live in Rural Areas.

Land & ClimateThe Area Per Sqauare Mile of Azerbaijan is 33,437. The Area Per Square Kilometer is 86,600. Azerbaijan is one of the more smaller coutrys in Transcaucasia Caspian Borders to the East off the coast. Wealthy Oil and Gas Near the Caspian. Azerbaijan averages over 300 days of sunshine that averages of only 60 days of no sun!

Religion & Language The Azeri peoples belong to the Oghuz. Alot of these Azeri People belong to the Religion Islam. Many Azeris speak Russian. There are many english speaking staff in Azerbaijan.

RecreationLike usual the most Popular Sport is... Soccer.The most played and followed. There are Olmpic training centers in Azerbaijan. There are know to be ancient stories of wrestlers taking on bulls,lions,etc.

Data DevelopmentAzerbaijan is way smaller compared to the US. The life expectancy in Azerbaijan for a female (74) A male (68) Pretty young. The current Currency in Azerbaijan is the Azerbaijani manat.


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