Ayssa's Glog!!!!!!!!!!! (:

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Ayssa's Glog!!!!!!!!!!! (:

1) Theme 1: Staying GoldTo stay gold basically means, that yto stay young, honest. so you need to cheerish the important and happy moments in life while your still young. Also because you need to do everything you can while your still young and can succeed at other things throughtout your life.2) Theme 2: FriendshipFriendship is basically having someone super close to you as if their family. Also always being there for one another, like Ponyboy and the rest of his family was there for Johnny.3) Theme 3: Social OstracismSocial Ostracism is the act of banishing or excluding. Or banishment or exclusion from a group:disgrace.

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!) I chose Ponyboy for staying gold because he was the one that Johnny told it to before he passed.2) I chose the whole group for friendship because they all were determined to do things for each other. Such as Johnny, when he got injured... they all fought for him.3) I chose Johnny for social ostracism because i felt that he was the one person that felt like he was gonna be excluded from his group of frineds, after what he did the the soc.

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