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Ayn Rand. B1

Ayn Rand was born February 2, 1905 in St. Petersburg Russia. Her original name was Alissa Rosenbaum. She was born into a Russian Jewish family with 2 younger siblings. Her father worked in a chemistry shop, but it was confiscated in an attempt to nationalize the economy. She later taught herself to read then was telling her own stories. Ayn Rand traveled to America and arrived in 1926. April 15, 1929 she marries Frank O’Connor, they met on a set of a play. She became a citizen March 13, 1931 and changed her name to Ayn Rand. She worked as a screenwriter for many years and later wrote novels and had many public lectures about her philosophy. May 7, 1938 Anthem is published.Around January 1939, she received the last communication from her parents who still lived in USSR. Four years later on May 8 she published The Fountainhead. Then on October 13, 1955 she finishes writing "Galt’s Speech”, which is a part from Atlas Shrugged. Atlas Shrugged was then finished March 20, 1957 and published 7 months later. In 1963 she received an honorary doctorate from the Lewis and Clark University. She published many speeches throughout her final years. On November 9, 1979 her husband Frank O’Connor died. Three years later she dies in New York City on March 6.


February 2, 1905- Born St. Petersburg RussiaMay 7, 1938- Anthem publishedMay 8, 1943- The Fountainhead publishedAugust 18, 1943- Begins writing "The Moral Basis of Individualism"June 23, 1949- The Fountainhead film opensNovember 21, 1981- Last public lecture "The Sanction of victims"March 6, 1982- Dies in New York

1911- Taught herself to readMarch 13, 1931- Became a US citizenApril 18, 1936- We the Living publishedMarch 6, 1958- First campus talk at Queens CollegeOctober 2, 19640 Recieves honorary doctorate from Lewis and Clark University

Lasting Impact

Ayn Rand's most significant contribution was Atlas Shrugged, which was not widely accepted at first. It's a novel about human nature and focuses on morality and personal responsibility. Ayn Rand's main theme in all of her books is that being happy should be a goal in itself and that there is a virtue to selfishness. Her books cause people to look at themselves and ask if they are being who they truly are, not something they made up. Like being productive for their own good and using the gifts they have been given. Her writings portray her as a philosopher. During her time period, this book empowered women to find their own happiness and to take care of their own responsibilities. It also put out that love is built of respect for yourself and others; any other form was doomed to fail. However, now Atlas Shrugged is used to describe how America has become corrupt, whereas it was supposed to warn people of what would happen if they just gave people things instead of letting them work for it. Althogether it gives people a sense of motivation when they read it, which is why it is her most significant contribution.


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"Every honest mean lives for himself. Every man worth calling a man lives for himself. The one who doesn't-- doesn't live at all." -Ayn Rand


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