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Ayesha Campbell (;

Kermode Bear


1 our of 10 bears come out as a white or cream color. Spirit Bears can run up to 55 km per hour. Spirit Bears can live up to 25 years in the wild.

1. 15 years old2. Has been abused by his father3. Violent and mean, and has had a rough childhood4. A angry kid and bullies peopleHe is very mean, violent, and disrespectful I think he is that way because of the way that his parents has treated him.

Cole Matthews



Cole's parents: "Dont screw up. This is your last chance." Cole thinking: "Cause if you don't, I'll knock your heads off." Cole talking to Garvey: "You don't know what it's like being hit over and over untill your'e so numb you don't feel anything!"

Circle Justice

Circle Justice is a program that tries to heal, not punish. People from the community and people that care come to get healed instead of punished.

Ketchikan, Alaska


Ketchikan has a population of 14,500 An outstanding collection of totem poles make a visit to Ketchikan essential for anyone interested in Native art by 1900, with a population of 800, the town was officially incorporated.

Tlingit Indians


The Tlingit are also known as Kolosh and are a Native Amercian people that belong to the Southeastern coast and coastal islands of AlaskaThe Tlingit Indians and the Haida are closely related in cultureThe Tlingit's culture has been molded by the conditions of the Alaskan area



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