Ayerbe Mariana Gisela

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Ayerbe Mariana Gisela

Ayerbe Mariana Gisela


My aimsI want to make friends to know diferent people and new cultures. I hope I can also improve my english and german.

Personal DescriptionI live in Argentina with my parents and my brother. We live in a house in Bahía Blanca, it´s a really nice city.

I work as a high school teacher and Im studying pharmacy. Also, I´m learning English and German to be able to comunicate with people from other countries.

At weekends...

My InterestI really love hanging out with friends to the cinema or to the park. I like lazy weekends to be in home with my family and my two dogs. I absolutely love collecting cactus, I have a lot. In winter holidays I´m keen on skiing with my family in the south of Argentina.


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