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Text-to-Speech SoftwareChapter 4

Classroom Use

What is it? Text-to-Speech software is a program that reads aloud whatever a student has written or typed. The student can choose the pace and length of each read segment. These programs provide auditory feedback for the students. The following site provides a good overview of text-to speech programs.

Who Will Benefit?

In Action!

The Pro's And Con's

Pro's- Successful for students who have disabilities, especially those who are dyslexic- Helps students focus all of their attention on the content- Can help students with their proof reading skillsCon's- The software most likely has a limited vocabulary - Overall text-to-speech software may hinder reading skills of younger students - Students may rely on the program to always check their work which could cause problems later on.

Text-to-Speech in the classroomcan be effective for all students but it is most effective for studentswith disabilities. For example, if astudent is struggling with certain context or a particular text they can have that text read aloud to them through this software. This will helpstudents improve their reading comprehension skills. For more information on how text-to-speech helps students with disabilities click here.

The students that will benefit the most from Text-to-Speech software is:-Students with a learning disability especially cognitive disabilities. -Students that are poor readers-Students that struggle proof reading their papers

Above is what the computer screen may look like for a student who is using this software

The following link provides valuable information for how text-to-speech works inside the classroom. Click here to access the PDF.


The following video shows all the students it can benefit and the many advantages to using text-to-speech in education.

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