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Awareness Campaign






Awareness Campaign

What exactly IS a symbioticrelationship?

A symbiotic relationship is in which two species live in close association with each other,causing one or both of the species to benefit, or causing one of the species to be harmed.

A commesalism relationship is when one species benefits and there is no affect to the other species.

In parastitism, one organism (parasite) feeds on another (host). The host is usually harmed while the parasite benefits.

In a mutual relationship, both species benefit.

When a predator goes after it's prey (the organism it eats), the prey will develop a factor to defend itself overtime. This is called co-evolution.

When there are more than one similar species living in a habitat, there is a competition between food. One will be better at getting their prey, but the not-so-successful species might die off of starvation.

The livestock helps the cattle egrets find their meal by letting them graze upon them. The livestock is unaffected.

The mosquito feeds on a human's blood for food.

Clownfish benefit the anemone by eating it's parasites and uneaten meals. It scares away its predators. In return, the fish gets a protected home territory.

A baby lion tries to feed on a fawn.

Many of the same species fish feed on the same prey. They will have to compete in order to get enough food.


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