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Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is a singer and songwriter who's music ranges from punk-pop to alternative rock. She is one of the most well known females in this genre and is an inspiration to many.


Let Go

Avril's second album was released in 2004 and was called Under My Skin which debuted at No.1 in numerous countries. Near the end of 2004 she went on her first world tour which held a concert in basically every continent and lasted almost an entire year.The lead single 'Don't Tell Me' entered the top five in several countries. The secondsingle 'My Happy Ending also did extremly well and again entered the top five in many countries


Under My Skin


The Best Damn Thing



Goodbye Lullaby

Avril Lavigne

She released her dubut album in 2001 where it reached No. 2 on the Billboard 200 when she was 17. She became the bestselling female artist and Let Go was the top selling debut of the year.Her debut single 'Complicated' ranked really well and was later ranked on the Hot 100 Singles of the Decade list The other singles, 'Sk8er Boi' and 'I'm With also di d extremly well.

Avrils third album called 'The Best Damn Thing' was released in 2007. She promoted her third album with a tour around the U.S The lead single of the album is one of her most well known songs 'Girlfriend' which reached a No.1 on Billboards top 100 in the same week her album reached the top of another Billboard chart. Later on the single ranked on the Hot 100 singles of the Decade. The second single of the album was 'When Your Gone' which also did fairly well and reached the top 20 in many places

Avril's style when she started gave a lot more of a punk and rocker feel she wore make up but not as heavy as she does later on, she was often found wearing a lot of black and had brown straight hair which was probably fitting in with the style at the time.

As she goes on she seems to take a lot more care in her appearance having coloured streaks in her hair and wearing heavier eye makeup and wearing more fashionable clothing.

In this space she starts to show more care in her appearance but is still seen wearing tank tops and having long straight hair. She still gives off punk rocker feel.

In later years after starting her own clothing range she seem to take upmost care in her appearnce and poses almost beocme more model like to appease a wider audience she also doesn't give off as much of a rocker feel it's now more pop-punk.

Her first album held song to do with relationships which were catchy and was in a more of a pop rock genre as the album was credited under the best pop debut of the year she was also deemed a style icon to which fans mimikced her skater punk fashion.

The second album didnt do as well as the first but still did fairly well it also had a darker vibe and was similar to the post-grunge and alternative rock genres. Her songs again in this album explored many woes again such as relationship troubles.

The third album again had generally positive reviews from people and had notcied her move into more pop-punk music from her more grungey alternative rock.

The fourth album Goodbye Lullaby was released in 2011 after being delayed by sevreal years. THe album hit the top 5 in over 10 countires such as the U.K and the U.S . Three singles were released the most succesful being 'What The Hell' which reached worldwide sucsess reachin the top ten in many countries The other singles 'Smile' and 'Wish You Were Here' had fairly average chart success worldwide. In genreal the album did fairyl well but wasn't her best work.

The main theme of the album is the exploration of tough times and emerging from them stronger, the album itself contained fairly unconventional instruements such as the the piano and acoustic guitar for this reason the album was classed as pop-punk, this genereated a lot of mixed review from the musci industry.

The latest album is called just Avirl Lavigne and was realesed in 2013. The album reached No. 5 on the Billboard chart which ened up being her fitfh consecutive top 5 . The album di fairly well worldwide and reached top ten in the charts in many countries peaking number 1 in several Asian countires.There were three singles released in this album they are 'Here's to Never Growing Up' which gained moderate sucess worldwidew. The second single 'Rock n Roll' recieved less of a sucess and then the last single 'Let Go' made a slightly better hit. She then wnet on her fith tour to promote her new album.

This album was a lot more pop and upbeat though it also had several so called power ballads so in the end was classified as a pop-rock album. In this album she also tried to incorporate other genres such as electronica and industrial and punk rock.

In later years after starting her own clothing range she seem to take upmost care in her appearnce and poses almost beocme more model like to appease a wider audience she also doesn't give off as much of a rocker feel it's now more pop-punk.


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