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Avril Lavigne





Avril Lavigne

She wears emo clothes, similar of the gotic but no. She likes wearing the multi-colored hair, but she goes blonde. For the clothes she likes wearing black.

Her style of music is usually romantic rock, love or heartbreak.The lyrics expresses her deep feelings. And she empathizing with people listening to her music.

She`s sensible, out-going, crazy, and doesn`t follow the rules and she does what she wants. She`s a very sociable and friendly with her fans.

She began his musical career in December 2001, when after a presentation at a country fair, aroused the interest of the producer LA Reid and signed to Arista Records. She has released five studio albums : Let Go, Goodbye Lullaby and Avril Lavigne. Lavigne has sold 45 million albums and 50 million singles worldwide. His influences pass through the paths of power pop and punk Avril rock.in other hand, according to Forbes, one of the richest young celebrities, knowing in 2010 an estimated fortune over 100 million dolars.


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