Avril Lavigne by: Sierra Newmeyer

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Avril Lavigne by: Sierra Newmeyer

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is a famous singer who has had a passion to do music since she was a very young girl.

Avirl has made many music albulms! She has made even more songs. Some of them would be My Happy Ending, Complicated, Girlfriend, and Keep Holding On.

Avril is an inspiration to teen girls all over the world! Girls whatch her videos and movies and remember that she was just like them and they could be just like her!

Avril is an actress. Shes been in a few movies but not tons. She was in Over The Hedge, and she played the teenage possum Heather as in the picture to the left. She was also in Fast Food Nation as Alice. She played Beatrice Bell in The Flock too.



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