Avoiding Gangs, Weapons, Drugs and Violence

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Avoiding Gangs, Weapons, Drugs and Violence

Most teens find Gangs ''cool''

One would endup getting captured by police or causing their family's or own death.

How to avoid getting involved*Talk and watch carefully.Travel with a group or with friends to and from school and school activities. Always be aware of your surroundings. *Accept responsibility.Do your part to make your school safe by following all school rules, including behavior codes, dress codes, and safety rules. *Report your findings to the school administrators.Work with school staff, your parents, and other students to develop and put into practice at your school programs*Encourage your parents to become involved in your school by asking them to visit the school, meet your teachers and other school staff, and help with school activities.Take all school handouts, notices, and publications home to keep your parents informed of opportunities to be involved. *Never carry a weapon of any kind to school.The risk of harm to yourself and your classmates is too great. Any instrument used to attack another person can be considered a weapon, but firearms pose the greatest risk, multiplying the potential for serious injury and death.

Facts about Gangs1)A gang is a group of people who claim a territory and use it to make money through illegal activities (i.e. drug trafficking).2)Gangs are one of the leading factors for growth of violent crimes both on and off school property.3)Gang members are more likely to be arrested or involved with drugs and alcohol than non-gang members.4)86 percent of U.S. cities with a population of 100,000 or more report gang activity5)California, New Mexico, Nevada, Illinois, and Idaho have the highest concentration of gang members, with more than 6,000 per state.

Avoiding Gangs,Weapons, Drugs and Violence

Stay Away from Gangs!!

Joining a gang comes with consequences


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