Avocado Production In California

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Avocado Production In California


1 lb of avacados=154 gallons of water

(For perspective, 1 lb apples= 84 gallons)

Largely grown in chaparral areas

Water Rights

California Drought

Drought Relief

Location of Production

Avocado Production

Avocado Consumption



Prior Appropriation Doctrine

"First-in time, first- in right"

Those who were there firstown the rights to that water and therefore there is little incentive to use it efficiently. The price of water has alsonot increased dramatically so farmers of any type can usetheir water how they see fit insteadof providing to must in need, betteringof public health, etc.

Avacado production broken into districts bythe California Avocado Commission

Vegetation type of California with avocado production area boxed off like in previous map

Tracking the California drought from 2000-2014

Comparing 2014 production to 2015 production, demonstrating the growth in production despite the continuing drought

Increasing consumption of avocados within the US from 2000-2012

About 1 lb of avocados

As of 2013, 79% of the avocados we consumed were imported

Almost all avocado farmers were declared in a natural disaster area due to the conditions of the drought and could be provided with a USDA low interest emergency loans to compensate loss. While this is important in holding farmer’s a float, it also means that farmers are not having to curb their water intensive practices.

Despite the increase drought, production does not seem to be declining, in fact it seems to be increasing. Also, many farmers have had to leave their farms fallow but based on the rising production and drought relief money that avocados farmers have received this has not decreased water consumption. This can be seen as one of the downfalls of their current water rights policies.

Gov. Brown in California recently stated that they are “creating a framework for local, sustainable management of groundwater” which will be significant in curbing this water consumption problem. While avocados are hardly a cause of their current drought, it does not seem that the land can support this practice and this unsustainable practice needs to be more strictly regulated perhaps in increased water prices for this agriculture practice, support for farmers to produce more water efficient crops, and educate on more efficient irrigation systems.

Avocado Field in California


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