Avocado Experiment

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Avocado Experiment

What does 'fresh' mean? How can it be measured? How many ways can you keep an avocado fresh?Find out here

Was this a fair test? How could it be improved? What else is there to discover? Find out here

When conducting fair tests with primary school students there are considerations to be made.Read More

Going Brown Getting You Down?

After 48 hours the avocados were all removed from the fridge.Which method resulted in the freshest avocado?

What is the best way to keep a used avocado fresh

Holy Guacamole!


Which avocado will remain thefreshest after 48 hours?Listen to my prediction by clicking'play.'



Prime Example


It's avocado season and they're going cheap at the vegiestore. With a price too good to say 'no' to you pick up acouple for lunch and dinner. As always, you're left with half an avocado and you need to keep it fresh. No-onelikes the look of a brown avocado. So, I ask the question:

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