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aviatoro spinoff invention

Check out myspin-off idea!

NASA spin-off technologies are the solutions that NASA has created for certain problems for spaceflight. These solutions can be used by everyone, not just someone on the International Space Station. It's really cool that something an astronaut uses in space can be used by a family here on Earth!

Many students at my school wear scratch resistant glasses including me! Scratch resistant lenses were originally developed for astronaut helmets!

When I get sick my mom uses an ear thermometer to take my temperature. This thermometer makes it easier for Doctors and moms to take care of their sick patients! This spin-off was originally made to take the temperature of the stars!

Traveling on wet roads can be very dangerous. Grooves that are cut into the roadway pavement helps improve tire traction. This NASA spin-off helps keep everyone who is on the road safe!

When I look around my environment I can see a lot of Spin-off technology. Here are some examples.

My idea for a spin-off is about transportation safety.I got the idea because my mom is always reminding us to put our seat belts on when we get in the car.I think it would be a good safety feature if a car could encourage it's passengers to put on their seat belts as soon as they get in the car.The seats in the car would be equipped with two sensors, one that could measure weight to make sure a seat was occupied and another sensor that would measure the temperature of the object in the seat to make sure that it was a person.The driver of the car could start it to heat it up or cool it down but unless all of the people in the car are wearing seat belts, the driver won't be able to put the car into reverse or drive.The safety feature could also be switched off in case of an emergency and if someone took off their seat belt while the car was moving, the car wouldn't stop, it would keep going.I think my ides could help save lives on the road!

While doing research for my invention I found Teen Driver, a new technology that the Chevrolet car company has invented for their new 2016 Malibu. Please check out this video to learn more about it! I'm glad that Chevrolet is just as interested in car safety as I am!